Website Art & Development

The dynamics of brand loyalty and product trust are critical.
Many companies marketing needs are to create brand awareness and loyalty. An attractive and easy-to-navigate website is vital part.

Sample Site:



Development Story

It all came about by working with HTML, flash action script 2, 3, XML, and C# using both PC and Mac and developing with Dreamweaver and Visual Basic interfaces. The PC and had advantages for database work such as open-source development with IIS. Thus, developing websites with flash in frames and making code manipulations for object-oriented elements, after testing the sites on popular internet browsers. The process is a solid workflow for developers and essentially gives an excellent direction for further development for certain criteria. Smart communication technologies and many screen devices like phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and larger have to deliver all types of data and media. As it happened, technology came full circle with HTML delivery. After several years of working with javascript, PHP, MySQL, and CSS the development led to jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and Python. The environment we use to develop locally is MAMP or WAMP stacks. This allows the development of plug-ins, widgets, and templates for self-serve websites.

At present, the greigWeb site uses a universal template that is easy to change into many different types of websites using CMS.
The site is responsive to display fully on all types of devices.

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